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Riding Desire: Alpha Bad Boy Bikers

Riding Desire

Riding Desire Group (February 17, 2014)


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Helmet required: intended for readers 18+

Hop on for the ride of your life in this NEW exclusive limited edition box set of 14 never before published books from the industry’s hottest authors in contemporary romance.

Whether you crave alpha heroes, possessively wicked boyfriends, sexy inked rock stars, or passionately naughty lovers, Riding Desire will fulfill your bad boy biker fantasies like no other boxed set you’ve ever read.

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This accountant is about to learn that one rough biker plus three of his friends equals a HOT RIDE she’ll never forget. By Opal Carew.

One sexy rookie cop. One seductive outlaw biker. One unforgettable one-night stand. Sarah Castille’s sexually explosive BURNOUT is a hot and wild ride you won’t want to miss!

What happens when a reporter looking for a story is thrown inside an outlaw motorcycle club on the verge of war? Drama, action, and lots of hot sex! SAVAGE HEART by Sara Fawkes

Combine one sassy biker chick with one badass Australian rocker for a full throttle ride in ONE WILD RIDE by Lauren Hawkeye, part of the New York Times bestselling Three Little Words series.

When Aubrey Rhodes comes face to face with the mysterious bad boy Caleb West, nothing can prepare her for the wildest ride of her life in FULL THROTTLE by Adriana Hunter.

In HEART RACER, the first of Marian Tee’s new biker series, notorious underground moto racer Leandro Christopoulos needs to convince snarky philanthropist Roberta “Bobby” Granger he’s in love with her…even if he’s not.

Mari Carr’s latest romance, CRASH POINT, proves nothing could be hotter than a former bad boy biker looking to make good, the sexy photographer he loved and left and those sultry New Orleans nights.

Who doesn’t love a little rumblin’ between the thighs? Join Tessa Savage on a wicked ride of corruption and seduction in HOW TO DEBAUCH A BIKER, the latest in the Savage Series by Daire St. Denis.

Listen up, adrenaline junkies: your pulse will roar as if you’re street bike racing when you meet gorgeous speed junkie Sawyer Tremaine in FAST AND MINE by Sharon Page.

Delilah is caught between an old crush and a new attraction…she’s in for one wild ride. R.G. Alexander’s ménage romance DIRTY DELILAH is guaranteed to rev you up!

If you love snarky socialites and dominating NYPD motor cops than get ready to laugh your ass off with LOVE, LEX by Avery Aster.

Romance, redemption and chrome-plated sizzle! Nothing can bring this Dominant rock star to his knees like the ex-wife he’s never been able to forget in Eden Bradley’s OBSESSION!

When a birthday girl’s plans go up in dust along with her broken down car and lying jerk of a boyfriend, there’s only one hot mechanic who knows how to make it all better in Roni Loren’s NICE GIRLS DON’T RIDE.

Rev up the heat and take a ride on the wild side with Rio’s sexiest off-road motorcyclist in CONQUISTA by Suzanne Rock.

Read an Excerpt from BURNOUT by Sarah Castille

“You went out with her?” Sophie’s gaze followed Jackie as she headed to the bar to help Kickstand with the drinks.


“She’s beautiful.”

“So are you.” He patted the seat beside him. “Come sit beside me beautiful girl.”

She didn’t even look up. “Not like that. She looks like a movie star.”

Her little hint of vulnerability did strange things to his stomach. There was a chink in his little cop’s armor and one he wanted to fill. He slid an arm around her, then pulled her into his side, his hand stroking in and out of her lush curves. “Love these curves, babe.” He bent down and pressed his lips to hers. “Love this sweet mouth.”

She stiffened for the briefest second and then relaxed against him, her tongue tangling with his, doing things to him he’d never thought possible.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, as he buried his nose in the sensitive hollow between her neck and her shoulder. God, she smelled good. The scent of jasmine flooded his senses and his groin tightened, painfully hard.

“Ace.” She whispered his name, her body melting against him even as her hands flew to his chest. “Stop. We have to stop. Last night was amazing but…”

“Tell me to leave.” His body was coiled tight, pulsing. He’d never been as affected by a woman as he was by Sophie, never had an issue with control. And he’d never wanted anyone as much as he wanted her now. If she did tell him to leave, he didn’t know if he could. And if she didn’t…hell he’d never last the walk home.

“I did. This morning, I said good-bye.”

He cupped her face between his hands and kissed her, drinking the sweetness from her lips. “Say it again. Say it and I’ll walk out that door.” His heart pounded in tortured anticipation as she nibbled on her bottom lip, and then she drew in a ragged breath and met his gaze.

“Maybe tomorrow.”